IuveStudio is a software company founded by Samuel Vandak in 2017. Nowadays it's mainly focusing on creating entertainment software such as videogames or useful programs for ordinary computer users.

Game development

Currently our priority and biggest passion. We work in Unity3D game engine which is able to handle even the most advanced projects.


Since the beginnig we have written thousands of lines of code and we're still not even warmed up.

Web design

Besides the previously mentioned activities, we're also working on the web, creating beautiful and functional designs that are easy to use.

Our Work


Hello!   Bonjour!   Hallo!   Ciao!
We are IuveStudio. We are not just an ordinary company. We are a team. We are a group of young students who want to transform our passion into work that will entertain and help people.

Below you can find charts that represent our journey.


That is how long we have been here.The beginning was though, but we have never and will never stop doing what we love.


That is how much we have spent on the development. Activities such as writing scripts, modeling prefabs, designing game levels, editing music and finally testing, editing and re-writing


That is how many semicolons we have used so far (if not even more). We used a variety of programming languages, but mainly we focused on C# and Javascript.


Jakub Ratajik

Content Strategist & Programmer

I started working in Unity at a quite young age. Nowadays, I also focus on JavaScript and Linux programming.

Samuel Vandak

CEO & Programmer

I first started exploring the world of game development when I was only 13. After a while I started working in Unity3D. Besides Unity I work with C# in .NET.


Are you a programmer/artist who loves creating videogames or computer applications? Do you see your future in IT business ? Contact us and we can figure something out.


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